Thank you for visiting the company's privacy policy. We hope that your understanding of privacy issues is important to us. We will only use the information permitted by this Privacy Policy. For more information, please follow the instructions below to contact us.

  1. The information we collect and the information we get from it

When you order or purchase from us, we collect most of the information directly from you. This information tells us what you are looking for, when, and where. Like most other websites, our technology also lets us know when and how you use our website, such as when you add or drop a shopping basket or fill out a form. The personal information we collect and use will depend on why we need it. We only collect personal information that we believe we need to use, or you have agreed that we may collect or agree to personal information that others may share with us.

  1. How do we handle your personal information?

We need to collect and use your vast amount of information so that you can use our websites and apps, shop at our stores, buy from us and learn about our offers and new arrivals. We also need to use some details to prevent and detect fraud.

We understand and understand how you understand your customers and predict which products you might be interested in from your browsing, shopping and how you respond to our marketing campaigns. We'll show you what we think your ads and offers are tailored to you based on your location, including what we know about you, including our use of our apps, our sites, and other sites you've visited. Additional knowledge of which advertising providers and social media platforms you collect with your consent.

Our use of your details depends on you and what you are doing: browsing or purchasing if you are our new or registered customer. Online and in-store use will vary, but even if you use different devices online, we will try to include our details of your relationship with the store and online in our records. We explain in the details section the legal reasons for using your personal information. You can access it by scrolling to "Additional Details."

  1. Who do we share your personal information with and why?

We do not sell your personal information to third parties so that they can market products to you, but sometimes we need to share some of your details with third parties.

We need to work with other group companies, suppliers and professional service providers because they help us run our business and take care of you. In these cases, we only share the personal details of the services they need to know and work closely with them to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected. They must maintain the confidentiality and security of your details and use them only to provide the assistance we have with them or the legally permitted assistance.
4. How do we protect your personal information?

Our employees understand the importance of protecting the security of your personal information. We take steps online and at the store to ensure our stores and offices, systems and records are secure.